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A Culinary Treat On The Trinity Trails

"As the restaurant world reduces itself to a simpleton formula of burgers versus tacos, Woodshed Smokehouse busts out with a brave and highly original vision" -

"HOLY SHIN! The signature dish [beef shin] of the Woodshed Smokehouse is so paleo that you can almost hear drumbeats when they deliver it to your table" - Texas Monthly

"One of 50 nominees for 'Best New Restaurant 2012'" - Bon Appetit
"It's the latest step on the journey of conscious dining, graduating from mindless stuffing of your face to Anthony Bourdain-level obsession" - D Magazine

"It takes balls for a well-established BBQ baron like Love to move the world of barbecue forward. Call him a smoked-protein progressive." - Men's Health Magazine

"You want The Woodshed Smokehouse in your life." - Immaculate Infatuation